Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wallabies European Tour 2012 Betting Guide

Yet another end-of-season tour for the Wallabies and yet another chance for Robbie Deans to prove his worth and his team to prove they're either as good or as bad as all their previous seasons' results suggest - depending upon your perspective.

End-of-season tours also provide opportunities for injured players to return to the fold and uninjured players to get injured and ruin their subsequent Super Rugby season. And for everyone else there's just the chance to run themselves into the ground and prove the point that you can have too much of a good thing.

Alas these tours aren't nearly the fun they used to be. What went on tour used to stay on tour. These days nothing goes on tour and if anything does, like if James O'Connor wakes up with bed hair, you can see the photos on Twitter, read about it in the paper, and the player will front a judiciary panel and cop a suspension.

For us mug punters though, any opportunity to prove our Rugby knowledge is better than the experts' by sticking our hard-earned where our keyboard is is a good thing. So to help you out, here's some research packaged in such a way that even a forward could understand...