Thursday, 21 November 2013

6 Better Wallaby Team Bonding Ideas

Can't stay out late. Can't drink. Can't text who you want what you want. Can't go the biff on or off the field. It's not much fun being a Wallaby these days. Team bonding is something done over cups of coffee or while doing one's hair. Fun police lurk in every corner, and step out of line and school principal McKenzie will slap a detention on you so hard you'd wish you'd never signed up for his class.

Fascist states like Wallaby-land have always inspired creative thinking and that's certainly what's required if the Wallabies are to kick on and capitalise on some late season form. Fortunately, a select handful of Wallabies (6 to be precise) have plenty of time on their hands to come up with innovative ways to get to know their teammates and generate team spirit.

The Rolling Maul has a few ideas to help get things started: