Thursday, 2 August 2012

2012 Rugby Championship Tipping And Betting Guide

It's a brave sports administration that purports its championship to be THE championship. But that's what SANZAR have done by naming their newly minted four-way international competition THE Rugby Championship. SANZAR may be setting themselves up for a fall. Argentina could prove to be a pack of duds incapable of lifting themselves above the four-yearly World Cup cycle. And on the flip side, New Zealand could dominate so massively that the competition could effectively be over after a couple of weeks.

But whatever happens, there are tipping competitions and betting agencies that need satisfying. It doesn't matter who wins or loses off the field, it's how predictable it all is that really counts when it comes to wagering some hard-earned or just gaining some kudos.

So a new championship and more opportunities to stake the redundancy payout or a week's rent, or just get one up on the missus.

Here's how The Rugby Championship participants shape up: