Monday, 29 July 2013

2013 Australian Super Rugby Team of the Year: Part 1 - The Forwards

It's that time of year again when the Rolling Maul casts its eye across the detritus that is Australian Rugby (with a few exceptions) to seek out the chaff from the wheat and to discover who of those amongst the many did the least to not stand out and deliberately or otherwise contributed least to their team's plight.

Here is Part 1 of the 2013 Australian Super Rugby Team of the Year - the Forwards:

Click here for Part 2 - The Backs

Monday, 15 July 2013

What Rugby Can Learn From the Tour de France

Cycling's biggest showpiece, indeed potentially the world's biggest if you believe some of the publicity coming out of the Union Cycliste Internationale, is the Tour de France, and in between the Ashes and Wimbledon the Rolling Maul has been sneaking the odd peak and generally been impressed.

In many ways, Rugby is second rate to Le Tour (Rugby, of course, is first rate in every other way) and has a lot to learn. Such as these...

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lions Thump Wallabies - 10 Observations From The Third Test

Pre-game group huggles in front of the 'sea of red'.
Sports psychology has a lot to answer for.
The Rolling Maul had the mixed pleasure of being present (behind the goalposts - this blog isn't exactly generating an income) at the third test in Sydney last night between the Wallabies and the British and Irish Lions. On the field, the Lions were too good for the Wallabies. Off the field the story was much the same in terms of the passion from their supporters.

TV can only paint part of the picture though. There's nothing like being there to really experience the best and worst of British (and Australian for that matter).

So here's 10 observations to give you a flavour of what you might have missed, and why that might not be such a bad thing...