Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wallabies Northern Hemisphere Tour 2013 Tipping and Betting Guide

Yet another spring European tour for the Wallabies (well, where else are they going to go? Vegas?) and this time it's even more "important for the future of Rugby in Australia" than the last tour which was also really "important for the future of Rugby in Australia".

This time the ARU is serious when it says it's broke. Even the kiddies that wear the jersies have smashed open their piggy banks for the cause. They'll still be flying business class of course, but they've promised to take it easy on the duty free.

So while Bill Pulver and the rest of the ARU head honchos search the back of the couch for loose change to pay the power bills, over in Europe Ewen McKenzie and his charges will be looking to cash in on some end of season 'form'. A win over Argentina and an honourable thrashing (as opposed to the usual shellacking) by the All Blacks has led some to believe things may be on the up in Wallaby-land. History, statistics, and this tipping and betting* guide may suggest otherwise...
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