Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Super Rugby Tipping and Betting Guide 2014 - Part 1 - The Also-Rans

With the cricket out of the way it can mean only one thing. Rugby season has begun. No longer will we have to longingly scan the TV guide just looking for something to watch all weekend, giving up and talking to our partners knowing that at least it could mean extra leave passes once the Rugby season begins. And it's an extra long season now that the National Rugby Championship has been tacked onto the already bulging Rugby calendar. But to paraphrase Roy and HG - too much Rugby is barely enough.

First cab off the rank is Super Rugby. Yet again there is great promise and hope in Australian Rugby, smug contentedness in New Zealand Rugby and arrogant over confidence in South African Rugby. But would you dare put your money where your mouth is or even tip where your mouth is? Consult this guide and you can't go wrong! (although actually this is only part 1 - the also-rans - so you could go seriously badly)...

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