Monday, 28 March 2016

Burst Bubbles and Dawning Reality - Super Rugby's 8 greatest disappointments

That sound you hear is the thud of Super Rugby teams coming down to earth. It’s what occurs when the helium-like inflation of expectation becomes overwhelmed by the gravity of reality. This usually occurs at dawn.

The effects of gravity when in the stratosphere can be barely perceived. But the inevitable plunge of a Super Rugby team to earth caused by poor results and on and off field dramas, gathers pace, accelerating and accelerating until nothing can slow the team's descent. It doesn’t matter if the coach is jettisoned or underperforming players are off loaded, the debris scattering the fields at the end of the season's plunge to earth will be testament to the false hopes and dreams of players, fans and the media.

So who are the greatest disappointments and where are the biggest burst bubbles? Here's the top 8...