Friday, 14 December 2012

Lions Tickets Cost How Much? OMG

Tickets for the July 6 clash in Sydney between the British Lions (with nominal representation of Scotland it seems) and the Wallabies went on sale to Waratahs members yesterday. The Rolling Maul was keen to secure some. Then I saw the price.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Izzy Going To The Waratahs?! Izzy What!?

Reports (rumours, speculation, player manager tactic, journalistic shenanigans) that Israel Folau, failed code jumper extraordinaire is talking (or whoever does the talking for him) to the Waratahs should come as no surprise to jaded Australian sports fans and casual observers who have seen this sort of thing before. The only surprise is that once Falau admitted he was crap at Aussie Rules that it hadn't started earlier.

It will all come to nothing of course and Folau will take the big bucks on offer in Europe or Japan (or the A-League), that's what usually happens. He may not end up in sky blue, but hopefully he's opened the floodgates for switched on Waratahs officials looking for a marquee player to make the turnstiles spin and get some eyeballs if not points on the scoreboard. Here's some other talent the Waratahs should consider...

UPDATE: What do you know? Folau signed with the Waratahs for one season (he must have commitment issues). Fortunately that frees up 2014 for the following potential marquee players...