Monday, 12 August 2013

The Rugby Championship 2013 Tipping and Betting Guide

Year 2 of the preposterously narcissistic and self-importantly titled 'The Rugby Championship' (so what, no other winner of a Rugby competition is allowed to belt out at full voice Queen's 'We Are The Champions'?) and New Zealand already seem to have a mortgage on the part at the bottom of the trophy where the winners names are engraved. Australia, South Africa and Argentina may have other plans, but the reality is that they're all hoping the All Blacks are suffering a bit of Rugby World Cup mid-cycle blues.

But Rugby is Rugby, new scrum laws are set to confuse spectators even more than they would otherwise, and more opportunities will be created for the Southern Hemisphere to bleat on about how its version of the game is better than the version played north of the equator. In other words, more of the same. And that can only be a good thing.

So to help you participate in your local tipping comp, or if you're looking at having a flutter, the Rolling Maul has analysed the form of the participating nations and come up with this highly dispensable guide to The Rugby Championship 2013:

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lord How? Super Rugby Final Needs A Neutral Venue

Could this be the future venue of a Super Rugby final?
The Brumbies ran out of puff. Wusses. So what if they had to travel 30,000km to get there. The Rolling Maul rode a bike 50km today and still had enough energy to go pick the kids up. But you don’t see the Maul grumbling about the Maori guy who got there first.

Actually, that’s the weird thing about the Brumbies. They aren’t whingeing at all when they have every right to. Finals should be in neutral venues, and if an Aussie team is playing a NZ team then the final should be in South Africa.

OK, maybe that’s stretching it a bit – both teams would have to travel half way round the world and hardly anyone would show up to watch. Clearly a compromise is required, so perhaps if we draw a straight line between Hamilton and Canberra then the final should have been at the closest piece of land to that point – Lord Howe Island.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

2013 Australian Super Rugby Team of the Year: Part 2 - The Backs

It's not only those that stick their head in the scrum that can contribute, in a negative sense of the word, to the plight of their Super Rugby team. Here's some backs that haven't been there or done that either, in part 2 of the Rolling Maul's 2013 Australian Super Rugby Team of the Year: