Whining About the New Wallabies Jersey

Greg Chappell models the
new Wallabies jersey
So the new Wallabies jersey is yellow. And looks like a soccer shirt. And doesn’t have a collar. And looks like a bird that’s eaten too much spinach has shat stars on the right shoulder. And if it’s cold you’ll be able to see the player’s nipples. And the socks dry 8 times as quick as normal socks (good for the mums?). So what?

Well you have probably forgotten what Phil Kearns said when asked about wearing the infamous 1990s ‘seagull vomit’ jersey. 
Phil Kearns and another Wallaby ashamed to be seen in public
To paraphrase Kearns, “I don’t care what it looks like. I’d run out there naked if it meant playing for the Wallabies.” 

So can the Rolling Maul suggest that that’s exactly what the players should be wearing. Nothing. 

After all, you can't get a jersey more skin tight than skin. You can't get a jersey lighter than air, Skin has no collar. Feet dry quicker than any socks. And nothing's going to show off your physique better than your physique,

And what's the point getting a tatt if you're just going to cover it up?

This World Cup, the Australian Rugby team need to put their tackle first and tackle hard. While the concept of a head-high tackle might take on a whole new meaning, surely it's time for the Wallabies to get cracking and kick some butt.


Anonymous said…
Good Idea - body paint for the next Wallaby Jersey, maybe we should concede slightly and allow them a green G string but otherwise it should be golden body paint - and I don't mean yellow I mean gold like your James Bond girls

What a world of possibilities that would open, in terms of; characters, send ups, villains, double agents, and bond girls.

Lets not mention that it will bring back the crowds, it certainly leads to a full house in those various Sydney pubs that have body painted waitresses.