Kings and Cheetahs moving to Europe: Why it will end in tears

The South African rugby board have decided to appease some old blokes in suits to let two defunct duds of teams move to Europe.

South Africa didn't have enough depth or interest to support 6 Super Rugby teams, so instead of combining them into 4 stronger teams, they've decided to prolong their pain by making their lives even more complicated

Lets break this down

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The Good

Nothing.  Nothing good can come from this, except appeasing a few fans left in their minor provinces

The Bad

These two teams are as bad as it comes.  So letting them keep playing bad rugby is as bad as an idea as it gets

The Ugly

So now South African rugby fans have to worry about two fixtures, even more travel and somehow find money to pay for it amongst fans that are already disinterested.  How much more ugly can this get?

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OK, so lets look at some possible scenarios:

1) Most likely - They get flogged in Europe

Fans are still disinterested, Other Super rugby teams are still weak and they are out of money

2) Less likely - They dominate or at least hold their own

The other European teams come in, take the best players for (relative) megabucks (outpacing the weak rand) - leaving SA rugby even weaker.  The other SA teams are still diluted, but now the players at the other franchises are more likely to leave to play in Europe.  The European competition will be shown up for the joke that it is.

South Africa needs to get back to what it does best - stacking a single side with their best players at the expense of all their others sides - which means - the less, the better!

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