Do the Waratahs Need This Anthem?

It's late on a Saturday night and The Rolling Maul has just returned from the SFS after watching a game which, and I'm not making this up, was entertaining. But the most extraordinary thing is that the Waratahs nearly won (dare I say should have won). The difference between the two teams was Dan Carter - if he'd played the Crusaders would have won by 20.

Nonetheless, the most frightening thing to have occurred on the night (even worse than Morgan Turinui's defence) is that the Rolling Maul have come into possession of the Waratah's Anthem. This is an appalling state of affairs that has Aussie Rules wanna-be written all over it. I recall only two winters ago being bombarded by the awful Sydney Swans anthem when they won the 'flag' (I am still to see this flag). 'Cheer Cheer the Red and White'. It's horrid tinniness, sung at full voice by big boofy over-grown basketballers who normally would freak at singing Khe Sanh at Karaoke, still rings in my ears, and that's not just because my wife, an ardent Swans supporter, refuses to throw out her Sydney Swans bottle opener that plays the damned anthem each time it's used.

In fact, all Aussie Rules team songs are awful and if you don't believe me click here.

So here it is in its full glory for want of a better term - the Waratahs Anthem with sarcastic comments from me (I have no idea what tune it is sung to - but whatever it is I'm sure that it is sung out of tune):

Pride in what we started (a losing streak)
Together we are one (one losing team)
Stronger when united
Our journey's just begun (to the wooden spoon)

Come with the sky blue (not sure if this is meant to be erotic or what but that's not how I treat my jersey)

Don't give in, look within
Waratahs, we give it all
Reach the sky, you and I
Come on in and join in the ride (maybe it's an old boys GPS thing but I still say this is homo-erotic)
Standing strong side by side (unlike their lineouts)

Will you stand beside us? (no - do your own bloody lineout jumping)
Can we count on you? (can footballers count at all?)
Moving forward together (unlike Waratah scrums which tend to do the opposite)
A mighty sea of blue

Come on everyone

Don't give in, look within
Waratahs, we give it all
Reach the sky, you and I
Come on and join in the ride
Standing strong side by side

So there you have it. Do the Waratahs need an anthem? Does any team? And what is it about Aussie Rules teams and their god-awful tunes?


Anonymous said…
The Anthem.

This you can tell was not written by a rugby player.
Can you see the Ta's after a win (maybe last year) standing around in a circle hugging the next player and saying "Reach the sky, you and I"
My Boy Sherman