The Great Debate - Union vs the other games

The Rolling Maul wasn't going to go there. But the Rolling Maul doesn't get a lot of action in it's suggestion box, and when Phonic Monkey (I know who you are) tempted, nay dared, the Rolling Maul to go there it was going to happen.

That the Rolling Maul (that you may have noticed by now likes to refer to itself in the third person) prefers Union does not need to be said. Why would the Rolling Maul call itself that if it liked any of the other football codes? If that were the case it would be called the Rolling Melee or the Rolling Pseudo Scrum or the Rolling Ball (now where's the skill in that?) But it doesn't because Rugby Union is best, and it's time it was stated why ...

1) Slow fat guys can and do play it
2) There is a continual contest for the ball meaning that any time any player near the ball could break his nose.
3) Scrums are highly technical tests of strength and technique (though admittedly a bit too technical at times)
4) George Gregan's head
5) Matt Dunning
6) Provincial sport every week during Super 14
7) Played in more than one country
8) Played in more than three countries
9) At its best is the ultimate test of skill, initiative, tactics, speed, power and guts (we won't mention it at its worst for the sake of the argument - I'll leave that to others to comment)
10) The pinnacle of the sport is at the international level. Clubs are great and provinces are fun, but it's all about international sport - as it should be.

So there ya go. I invite you to add to this list or prepare your own in support of the other codes. I accept that soccer is truly international, but that's all I'll concede. Until the score truly reflects the skill level of the teams and there is reward for effort, and until not showing pain is more important than milking penalities you'll never get me watching it.


Matt Rowley said…

Living here in Pommyland, I can confirm that soccer actually sucks - that is except for when Australia showed how it ought to be played in the last world cup; with guts.

If you actually go to a soccer game you soon notice that the only guys doing anything are those immediately around the ball. The rest go off for a good fuck'n sook - must be because they only get paid $150k a week.

And then there's all the bitching and moaning at the ref. What a pack of girls. Take your punishment and fuck off 10.

Anyway, love your work. Have a gander at my blog and let me know what you think. Will put a link on for you.
Flying Winger said…
Crunchy PB has laid it out square on a plate.

But what can I, a fully paid up, dyed in the wool, rugby-adoring Sydney Subbies player, add?

Ok, thinking while I let my digits to the about:

1. Pierre Spies...only Habana does the 100m spint faster than him. Not bad for a 22yr old, 110kg loose forward.

2. Twickers North Carpark. "Hello old chap, is there room next to your Discovery for my Range Rover? Oh super. Let's break open some bubbly. Fancy some pate?"

3. England's Gloucester Rugby Club supporters. "How you doin' my babburrr??? Properrr."

4. Timmy Horan and Jason Little in the centres.

5. Canterbury of NZ's new ladies rugby tops....

Meh, that's a start. Over to you, reader!
Anonymous said…
Tim Horan's testy pops during his commentary ... classic. I can't think of any bogan-ball commentators who get testy pops.