Time for Rugby to Reclaim the Moral Low Ground

Reg Reagan has failed. Dismally. Reg Reagan, for those not familiar with Australian sport, is the embodiment of the Australian male. He reminds all of us (OK, some of us) of our heroes - those handle bar moustache wearing, hairy chested, chain smoking, pot bellied boozers who were at the top of their game in the 1970s and 80s before lung cancer had been invented and when Australian Sport epitomised all that was good.

David Boon - legend

Reg Regan is most famous for his t-shirt - Bring Back the Biff - is its slogan. Reg pines, like all of us (OK, some of us), for those days before video referees, slow motion replays, multiple camera angles and head gear. The days of the 'Battle of Ballymore' and the French being banned for being too violent (as happened in the 1930s).

Alas Reg has failed. The Biff never came back. Both Rugby Union and Rugby League (spit) are flatter than the nose across an old hooker's face. Matches are won in coaching video reviews and set moves practiced ad nauseum on the training paddock. No more can the weaker team out muscle an opponent and this sort of move is a rarity...

Fortunately there is hope and it's found in France. The all in lives on in France and the furthest reaches of the Rugby world. Check this out for a recent and now famous Rugby punch-up...

And if you don't think Rugby is a truly international game check out this fight from the Czech Republic

And if you've ever doubted the passion of Amercians playing Rugby then click here.

So with Rugby League now a game more like soccer with its faking of injuries and more like Aussie Rules for its all in slap and tickles (or melees as they like to call it), it's time for Rugby reclaim the moral low ground. The Rugby World Cup provides the perfect stage for a few all-ins, some broken noses, a couple of roundhouse rights and the odd upper cut that breaks up a scrum and leaves a proud old front rower nursing his jaw.

It'll bring back the patrons and may even impress Reg Reagan.