A Rugby Scandal

This was the Georgian Rugby Jersey at the 2003 Rugby World Cup (burgundy and black)

And this is it now (on the left)

Now I recall at the 2003 World Cup people were buying and wearing with pride the burgundy and black jerseys because they looked so damn good. Who on Earth (or more to the point which crazed Georgian Rugby official or overpaid marketing consultant) was inspired to change the jersey from the best and most original design on the planet to something that looks like a cheap version of the current English jersey (which in itself isn't a patch on the original all-white either).

All comments on the current state of jersey design accepted - starting with the Wallabies man-boobs abomination - it may save 1.5% in lactic acid build-up by chemically transforming sweat into positive karma or some such crap but it just looks shit. Mind you, as Phil Kearns once said during the great budgie vomit debate (the jersey had a strip of white over one shoulder), "I'd happily play in my undies if that's what it took to play for the Wallabies" or words to that effect.