Flogging a Dead ARC

The demise of the Australian Rugby Championships has resulted in many questions. They are:

1. If the ARC was going to lose in two years the equivalent of Lote Tuquiri’s salary wouldn’t it have just been easier to sack Lote Tuquiri and let the ARC continue?

2. What will happen to the jerseys of the former teams? Are they worth anything on eBay? Will they be donated to subbies teams?

3. Does the Central Coast now have the right to proclaim itself to be the greatest Rugby region in Australia forever?

4. Can the Central Coast display the trophy forever (and more to the point, where is it displayed and can anybody see it?)

5. Does Kurtley Beale need to hand back the Mazda that he can’t drive?

6. What were the Melbourne Rebels rebelling against and did it work?

7. Are the antics of Fava and co recently considered to be part of the Perth Spirit and if not would Perth have changed the name of the team to something more appropriate if the competition was to continue (see here)

8. Should Easts, Randwick and Sydney University feel justified and vindicated in their opposition to the competition or were they part of the problem? Would their support have made any difference?

9. Was the ARU's plan all along only to run the ARC for one year to give the Australian Super 14 teams a head start in using the new Rugby laws?

10. Does the Rolling Maul have bragging rights having attended both the first and last ARC matches ever (and a couple in between)?

The Rolling Maul doesn't pretend to be any sort of Oracle when it comes to Rugby - the World Cup predictions are more than ample evidence for that. These questions are only stated to indicate to the ARC and other interested Rugby stakeholders that a lot of people, and not just players and administrators, had embraced the ARC and feel more than a little dirty.

The ARC was our bit on the side - flashy, young and above all else different from what we were used to. To have it taken away after just one season is like being told that you really are too old for such stuff and that you should go home and make the most of what you have. It's hard to argue with the logic but that doesn't mean you like it.

The ARU promises that something will be established to replace the ARC. But will it get the juices flowing in the same way or will it just be something to watch on the internet for a small monthly fee in the privacy of your own home?