Application for Waratahs Season Media Pass

Dear NSW Rugby Union

In keeping with the ARU policy to only provide coverage of Super 14 Rugby in places where people aren't likely to see it (ie Foxtel and not even highlights on free-to-air) the Rolling Maul would like to apply for a media pass for this season’s Super 14 competition.

On a good day over 10 people will read the Rolling Maul and most of them don’t have cable TV or live overseas (or at least their search engine does) so these people require an independent and fearless media outlet for their insatiable Rugby appetites. A media pass is best way to satisfy this demand.

Since being established last season the Rolling Maul has established an enviable track record of going where other media outlets fear to tread by providing as much if not more coverage of third and fourth tier Rugby (ARC and Shute Shield) than they do (not difficult as most media outlets provide none at all).

Not only that, but the Rolling Maul even attended three ARC matches and four Club Rugby games in 2007 (including both finals) and watched most of the matches covered by the ABC (including sitting through the games from Queensland with Wilko’s annoying commentary on ABC2).

In 2008 the Rolling Maul is determined to increase its level of commentary of the Waratahs season, even including those matches played in South Africa, matches that the main stream media dedicate almost no coverage to.

This dedication to all things Rugby should be rewarded with a media pass.

Not being aligned with a media body that partly owns the sport allows the Rolling Maul to go to places that the mainstream media dare not tread for fear of affecting ticket sales, newspaper sales, or cable television subscriptions. For example, the Rolling Maul is not afraid to dash the hopes of fans of Australian Super 14 teams scraping into the finals by pointing out that while they may be in the top four at the moment that’s only because they haven't hopped on the plane to New Zealand yet.

If provided with a media pass guaranteeing access to all matches played in Sydney by the Waratahs, the Rolling Maul promises to work closely with the NSW Rugby Union to ensure that such independence will be replaced by jingoistic chest thumping and massaging of supporter egos when their team inevitably fails at another final hurdle. It is important for the success of Rugby Union and the Waratahs that the Rolling Maul be brought into line, and this can only be achieved by providing it with a season pass.


The Rolling Maul


lasty said…
Surely this approadch will be enough to get you a media pass. If not perhaps you could offer to write articles about drunken player behaviour. This seems to be enough for the other jurnos.