It's The Right Thing To Do

If you had asked most Waratahs supporters at the beginning of the season would they have been happy at the end of it if the Waratahs finished runner up they would have said "yes". They also would have said "pigs might fly".

But now that they're here second isn't enough. And the reason for that is the Crusaders. They've played in 9 of the last 11 finals and won 6 of them. So now it's our bloody turn.

Enough is enough and for the sake of the game it is important that Robbie Deans gets his priorities sorted out and puts in place measures to ensure a Waratahs victory. A quick bout of food poisoning would do the trick or maybe hide all the team's boots underwater below a bridge somewhere in Christchurch. Or get in touch with Tah Man and see if his helicopter gun ship (the one he descended from at the Sydney Football Stadium) is available for hire. Nothing a good strafing can't fix.

This isn't only good for Rugby generally (going by the principle that what's good for the Waratahs is good for Australian Rugby and what's good for Australian Rugby is good for World Rugby) but Robbie Deans particularly. As the next Wallabies coach the lift that the Wallabies would receive from the Waratahs defeating the Crusaders is massive. It is in his interests as the Wallabies coach to ensure that he does everything he can to maximise Wallabies confidence in the lead in to the Tri-Nations and beyond.

Robbie Deans - the future of Rugby is in your hands. On behalf of Rugby supporters the World over, you know what the right thing is to do.