Waratahaholics Anonymous

Hello. My name is Rolling Maul and I support the Waratahs. I’ve been trying to give them up for 10 years now but although I know I shouldn’t I can’t help myself.

Mine is a typical tale of lost hope. Originally I was a Rugby League supporter. It was cheap, readily accessible, and simple. Still is. In 1989 my favourite team was the Balmain Tigers. I overdosed big time on the Balmain Tigers that year and paid the price. It all went to shit and after that Rugby League never seemed the same. The highs were never as high, not even close. Then Super League came along and that stuff was just rubbish.

That's when I found Rugby Union.
Sure it was more expensive and only those Eastern Suburbs and North Shore types were into it, but it was so subtle yet complex at the same time. And at the time of course Australian Rugby Union was the best in the World. And if that wasn't enough then Super strength Rugby was introduced. I was hooked for life.

For the last 10 years, every year I foolishly believe that this year the Waratahs will turn early season promise and mid-season form into Super Rugby triumph. I must be some sort of glutton for punishment. If only I were addicted to the Reds then at least I wouldn’t need to worry about potential success or anything even resembling form. But that would be too easy. The coward’s way perhaps.

Maybe I have a sadomasochistic streak. As much as I enjoy the pain I also inflict it on others by running a Super 14 tipping competition and keeping a blog about the very thing that causes me so much grief.

I’d like your help. Actually that’s a lie. It’s an addiction, but it’s my addiction. My greatest fear is that one-day the Waratahs will actually win the Super 14. What then? There will be no reason to exist. Gloating and chest thumping is completely contrary to my character. I take much greater satisfaction from ranting, raving and whingeing. And in any case it’s much funnier.

Thank you for coming here to listen to my story and thank you for your sympathy. But it won’t change anything. The Waratahs are still in South Africa, and they still could host a home semi-final. Did I mention they play the Reds in the final round? They have a good recent record against them and even a reasonable record against the Crusaders in Christchurch. This could be the year.