The Wallabies' Lose-Lose Situation

Win, lose or draw the Tri-Nations, and every match that they play from now until the end of the next World Cup, the Wallabies are in a no-win situation.

Win anything, and all the credit will go to Robbie Deans. The players will be acknowledged, but at the end of the day Deans will be identified as the factor most influencing the difference between the team that meekly succumbed at the last World Cup and the one that won the Tri-Nations/Bledisloe Cup/World Cup/all those other cups invented on a monthly basis to give meaning where pride in performance is not enough.

Lose, and Deans will be free of blame owing to a limited Australian Rugby talent pool, inept administrators, competition for players from Rugby League, Aussie Rules, Soccer and every other sport, soft Mums and Dads not letting their kiddies put their heads in scrums and rucks and Matt Dunning.

Clearly the Australian Rugby administrators must save the Wallabies from Robbie Deans by sacking him just as his plans for World domination take fruition, that is, on the eve of the next World Cup, and not replacing him. Freed of the Robbie Deans weight of expectation, the Wallabies will be free to play for themselves knowing full well that World Cup glory will be heaped on them while Robbie Deans cools his heels back in New Zealand watching the team he should be coaching, the All Blacks lose another World Cup semi final.