A Link To Something Funnier Than The Rolling Maul

In the sleepy months between Super 14 seasons, the Rolling Maul reverts to its lazy default status of sitting on the couch while other people talk and write about Rugby. Sure there are the occasional outbursts when the mood suits, but it would normally take an event the size of the Rugby World Cup to disturb the slumber.
That's not to say there isn't plenty to write about, such as why, now that the Wallabies have a Kiwi coach, they've adopted the peculiarly Kiwi habit of peaking three years before a World Cup while the Springboks take the reverse option and ensure their Rugby landscape is as flat as the high veldt (whatever that is - it sounds South African and distinctly lacking in peaks).

Or why Rugby, a sport played by men and women in hundreds of countries with a rich amateur heritage does not feature in the Olympics while synchronised swimming (men don't do it), race walking (no one should do it) and the triple jump (no adult should skip) does.

Not to mention the delicious irony of Rugby poaching League's finest (such as those that screw lifesavers in public toilets, scream obscenities down mobile phones when drunk, or grope the daughters of legends) and League crying poor.

No, it is moments like this when the Rolling Maul lets others do the talking, or perhaps is willing to stand upon the shoulders of ginats, whoever you prefer.

So here is something written by someone else. It's very amusing and very good. Damn good. Embarassingly good actually. Enjoy.