Round 2 Wrap

Lots of great Rugby last weekend, unfortunately none of it was at the SCG. It was so quiet after the Waratahs vs Chiefs game that you could hear Matt Burke kissing Kurtley Beale's boots (or it may have been select parts of his anatomy).

It all came out in the press on Monday's Sydney Morning Herald: ... [in praising Beale] Hickey said Beale was "striking the ball well". He added: "That is one of the things you have to try and look at rather than necessarily if it went between the goal posts or not."

Now the Rolling Maul isn't one to make great thoughtful insights into the plight of the game or claim to have an outstanding track record of success on or off the field built upon a great natural ability to read a game and outstanding hand-eye coordination, but isn't having the ball go through the goal posts in fact EXACTLY what you're looking for?.

Speaking of phallic symbols, did you catch the Crusaders away jersey? If that sword is not a phallic symbol then it's certainly pointing in the right direction. Actually if I had a sword pointing straight at my crotch my goal line defence would probably be pretty good too (there's a pun in there somewhere).

e the Reds prove they are one of the fittest teams running around the Southern Hemisphere with another come from behind and finish from behind performance. Coaches go on and on about 80 minute Rugby. The Reds have perfected 80th minute Rugby.

Commentary quotes of the round: The NZ commentator who described the Highlanders as "a team that knows how to lose" and Brendan Cannon with this tautological gem: "It's good to get the opening phases out of the way early".