All Aboard the Reds Bandwagon

The Rolling Maul is proud to announce that it has joined the Reds bandwagon. And in acknowledgement of this, the Rolling Maul has added large doses of Dark Red (not Maroon - that would be too much like that other Queensland team that plays that other code) to its colour palette.

Now sure that makes the result pretty ugly, but that's a nod to the Rolling Maul's first love, the Waratahs. If, in the unlikely event, the Waratahs start playing an entertaining, open, fast brand of Rugby built on a powerful and tough forward pack as effective at controlling the breakdown as they are the set pieces, then consideration may be given to leaving the Reds bandwagon and rejoining the Waratahs bandwagon.

Now it is true that this radical measure may open up the Rolling Maul to accusations of being a fair weather supporter. But posting after posting on this blog should be testament enough to the fact that the Rolling Maul has an enviable track record of supporting the Waratahs through think and thin, and there hasn't been a lot of thick.

And don't think that for a moment the Rolling Maul is abandoning the Waratahs completely. As tempting as that might be, the Waratahs are still ahead of the Reds on the Super 14 ladder, defeated the Reds the previous week, and have potentially a backline even more self-proclaimed explosive and entertaining than that self-proclaimed by the Reds (indeed after neither backline fired last week what is really needed here is a proper home-and-away national competition - the mooted John O'Neill conference system - to determine once and for all which team has the most potent try scorers - alas the answer is probably the Brumbies and certainly next year when Giteau returns).

So a few Lachie Turner jinks, the odd Lote Tuquiri length of the field burst, and the occasional dazzling try whereby the ball passes through 15 pairs of hands, and things will return to normal.

It could be a long wait.