Better Heads on Beer

Chris Hickey, the Waratahs coach, was quoted last week as saying that "winning ugly is better than losing ugly" but what he fails to appreciate is that being ugly is better still.

As Phil Waugh, the ugliest of all Rugby players can testify, ugliness is to be worn as a badge of honour and his ugliness is a testment to the hard yards, the hard studs and the hard grounds that have left their mark on his career (and his face).

What Waugh also appreciates is that if you are really ugly then it doesn't matter if you win or lose because at the end of the day everyone will be distrated by your appearance.

Waugh has been placing his body, or more precisely his head, on the line the last few weeks. He's spilt a river of blood and had more stitches than a box full of Kookaburras. He's also made regular visits to planet Koozbain. As a result, the Waratahs have gone undefeated, their steady improvement in form in direct proportion to the increasing ugliness of their inspirational captain.

Meanwhile, the Force upset the Brumbies. It should come as no surprise, Nathan Sharpe has been looking particularly ugly of late. But even better than that he's angry, and with that combination great things are in store for the Force.

Compare this to the Brumbies who dropped Stirling Mortlock as captain, a man who admittedly wasn't born ugly but had ugliness thrust upon him (mainly by having his head shaved) with Stephen Hoiles, a nice guy and a decent player but if he ever approached you in a dark alley it would probably be just to give you your wallet after Nathan Sharpe and Phil Waugh gang tackled you, stole the wallet and left you for dead. He'd probably also replace any missing cash plus throw in some free tickets to the next Brumbies game. With a head like his the Brumbies are doomed to failure and attractive Men-Of-the ACT Calendars.

Berrick Barnes has been acting as the Reds captain of late and therein lies their problem. It's one thing to think of yourselves as the great entertainers because you put on a couple of showy trys in between all the knock-ons and fumbles, but without an inspirational ugly captain (and especially a forward) the Reds will never be more than flat track bullies capable of Purple nurpling and Chinese Burning the weaker kids but running home to mummy when the sixth graders show up.


I reckon Phil looks great here.