The Problem With The NSW Rugby Union

This posting is from regular reader, first time poster Mr Dis Gruntled.

Take it away Mr Gruntled...

Have you seen the Waratah advertising for the 23rd player? Basically it says that without the fans the team can't get across the line. The images of a bunch af Waratahs fans in Jersey 23 are coupled with quotes from players about how important the fans are. Great idea and I really do believe that the crowd can lift a side.

I got given membership for my Birthday last year and knowing I would not get to all games I selected a 'try pack' which gives me tickets to the Reds, Crusaders, Bulls and Force games. This was purchased and paid for in December. I wasn't that worried that my membership pack and tickets had not arrived until a few weeks ago.

For the past three weeks I have been in near daily attempted communication with NSW Rugby to follow up my tickets.

Unreturned emails, a phone system that forces you to leave voice mails that are then never returned. Out of 30 odd calls I have spoken to a real live person 3 times.

When eventually you do get through you are told there are problems with Australia Post and Ticketek. Is it a NSW rugby problem? No never.

"We sent the tickets out already. Twice".

That's funny I didn't get them. Twice.

"Ok, we will courier them out to you today".

Did they arrive? You bet your life they didn't.

It is now about 10 hours to kick off (last Friday - RM) and I still don't have my tickets. I guess they are going to miss out on my support tonight. Being a passionate Waratahs fan I hope they can get over the line without my support. And given how poorly I have been treated they are going to need get used to winning without my support at the ground.

I already pay through the nose for Foxtel for the privelige of watching my rugby team run around. With the current economic situation I will choose where my entertainment dollars go quite carefully in future. It is highly likely I will watch from the comfort of my couch and my live rugby will be limited to the Club matches at Woolhara.

I love the Waratahs but I hate NSW Rugby.

Footnote: The tickets did arrive a little past midday for Friday night only. Guess I will have to go through the same for the next game.


Beastie Boy said…
Just a few follow up points:

(i) the tickets were requested to be next to some friends who also had purchased the same membership pack. The tickets ended up in opposite corners of the ground.

(ii) The tickets received on Friday were for the Reds game only. I am still yet to receive any other tickets and they still don't return my calls / emails.

(iii) I did manage to get a man cuddle from Tah Man on the bus on the way to the game but I still hate NSW Rugby