Perfect Plans

It's all falling into place for the Waratahs.

Their cunning no bonus points system is working perfectly. So precise indeed are the Waratahs at this game that Lote Tuquiri even dropped the ball over the try line when he suddenly realised that the game plan was not to score any tries until well into the game. Two tries in the first 15 minutes would have been a severe embarrasment and completely counter to the Waratahs Rugby philosophy. So devastated was Tuquiri at his near not-miss that he deliberately wrenched his own knee later in the game so as to not risk the danger of scoring more tries.

Meanwhile... if there's one thing the Reds have been good at this season it's dashing hope. Hope of a revival in the fortunes of Queensland Rugby, hope for a free flowing running entertaining running game, hope at winning back to back matches. Barnes realised he had discovered a rich vain (pun intended) of form and there was a real and present danger that he could run rampant against the struggling Brumbies. So not being one to shy away from a challenge from a (adopted) New South Welshman Barnes did his hammy in the warm-up before the Reds game started.

But if there's one thing that separates Barnes and Tuquiri from the rest of their teammates and makes them the truly great players they are, it's the personal sacrifice. The ability to step back and analyse their own performance and their place in history and realise that anyone can contribute to score board glory but only the greats can see the greater context. That the Reds are not meant to challenge for the finals and the Waratahs are not meant to be fun to watch.

We are not worthy of watching such legends of the game in action. And they know it so sacrificed their leg muscles for our sake and for that we should grateful.