Sorry Lote - The Bromance is Over

The Rolling Maul would have turned for Lote Tuquiri. But now, like a jilted lover, the Rolling Maul wants nothing to do with the man.

Where did we go wrong Lote? Sure you were expensive but it wasn't about the money. We were really good for each other. You made it fun again. The Rolling Maul was happy to pay a lot of money just to watch you.

The Rolling Maul remembers the first time you played for our team. You were young and inexperienced and didn't even know if you had done the right thing. But you can't make this thing that you have - you're born with it.

It took a while for you to learn to do it just right. But for a while there you were as good as any other the Rolling Maul ever knew. Your hands were so skillful in those days and you had all the right moves.

We know that you often finished prematurely and all your efforts often came to nothing, but that happens to lots of guys sometimes, especially once they get a bit older. But you still looked good even if you were just fumbling around lately and losing control a lot of the time.

So good luck Lote wherever fate takes you. But just remember the Rolling Maul sometimes, when you're showing off your skills in some cheap overseas joint. They'll never appreciate you the way the Rolling Maul did.


Maul-burnian said…
Reading this was a little disturbing ...