Even Uglier

That sound you heard on the weekend was bubbles bursting. One of them was Red, another was Blue, and if Waratah was a colour then that would be the colour of the other bubble. Indeed it's somewhat of a relief that the natural order of things has reestablished itself. Just like taxes and cigarette packets, some things never change.

Whether having three Australian teams chase the fourth semi-final spot is something to cheer about is somewhat doubtful given that the best Australian Super 14 team going around is the Force and they're coming 11th. To think that only last week Will Genia was being touted as the best thing to come out of PNG since white man discovered the penis gourd and Quade Cooper was the biggest thing in Queensland which is saying a lot given how much Queenslanders like their big things.

Robbie Deans was facing the dilemma of deciding whether to pick a Wallabies team on form or a team on reputation and fortunately now he can do neither and just pick the bloody team he would have picked anyway, it'll make no difference because they'll still be outkicked by France in the World Cup semi-final.

Meanwhile the much touted Reds and Waratahs forward packs came back to Earth with a headache only slightly louder than the one Mr and Mrs Faingaa must have felt the day after their boys had a night to forget (and yes, I know one of them was playing for the Brumbies but he's too pretty to count).

So it's back to the drawing board for the Waratahs which is unfortunate because they've won pretty, won ugly and lost pretty and now they've lost ugly there's no plan E. Could be interesting. Unfortunately it probably won't be.