Rugby - The 'Fine' Points

When the Brumbies lost to the Rebels a couple of weeks back despite outscoring them three tries to one it triggered a torrent of debate about the relative value of a try in Rugby. But amongst all the squealing for more points for tries or less for penalties and field goals an important factor was missed - penalising boring play on the scoreboard and rewarding exciting play.

So the Rolling Maul presents a Rugby scoring system that will enliven the game, keep the ball in hand, and bring back the crowds (especially those who like calculators anyway)...

- Try scored from first phase play (scrum, lineout, kick return etc) - 100 points
- Try scored from second phase - 95 points
- Try scored from third phase - 90 points
- And so on - for example a try after 10 phases of boring pick and drive and pointless charges at the gain line will only be worth 50 points. This will encourage players to avoid being tackled and throw the ball around, encourage daring sweeping backline movements, invention and creativity.
- Try scored from a kick (any kick) - as above minus 20 points. The bomb is a blight on the game and makes - Rugby look like League. So do grubber kicks into the in-goal area. Treat them accordingly.
- Conversion from right in front - 10 points. Move along - nothing to see here.
- Conversion from between the posts and the 5 metre line from the side - 15 points. Should get these.
- Conversion from the sideline (the channel) - 25 points. Nice one.
- Penalty kick from within the 22 - 10 points. We haven't paid good money to watch you bend over and stare at the sticks before trying to outstare the Gilbert.
- Penalty kick from between the 22 and half way - 20 points.
- Penalty kick from beyond half way - 30 points. OK, that's impressive.
- Field goal from within the 22 - 2 points. If you can't score a try from here you don't deserve much credit.
- Field goal from between the 22 and half way - 10 points. Yeah big deal.
- Field goal from beyond half way - 25 points. Wow.
- Win a scrum or lineout on the first set - 10 points. Not only will this encourage scrums to pack properly but all lineouts will be contested. Not contesting lineouts is cowardly and weak, an admittance of defeat. You want the points, jump.
- Win a scrum or lineout on the second set (after a reset) - 5 points
- Win a scrum or lineout on the third set (after another reset) - 1 point
- Win a scrum or lineout after more than 2 resets - tough. You don't deserve any points for that appalling behaviour and lack of technique.
- Cause a scrum to collapse or be reset (as determined by the referee) - minus 10 points. Nothing is more boring in Rugby than lost minutes for scrum resets.
- Kick out on the full - minus 5 points (yep, even from within your 22). Rugby is a ball in hand game.
- Knock-on - minus 1 point (the penalty for causing a scrum) - would be more but the Waratahs on a bad day could lose 100 points this way as it is.
- Forward pass - minus 2 points for stupidity.
- Having cheerleaders - 20 points

- Scoring a cheerleader(!) - 100 points
- Singing the National Anthem - 1 point per player that sings


Please post pictures of some cheerleaders...
Too easy. Visit for links to each Super Rugby team's cheerleaders websites (if they exist).