Up to the Crusaders to Restore Sanity

In the battle of the natural disasters the real natural disaster will be if Queensland win both the State of Origin and Super Rugby in the same week.

The natural order of things is for Queenslanders to have a chip on their shoulder the size of Bob Katter's hats. The underdog suits Queensland and as much as it's possible to find a stool small enough to sit under a dog they've milked it for all its worth.

Despite 6 straight State of Origin wins you can bet the Queenslanders next year will still hark back to Arthur Beetson's snubbing by the Kangaroos in 1971 (or whenever), while even if the Reds win the Super Rugby they'll probably still use the fact that no Queenslanders were included in the inaugral Wallabies team in 1914 or something (the team even wore blue).

But until this year New South Wales in the Rugby could rely on a well earned superiority complex borne out of the fact that New South Welshman are naturally superior in every Department. We're better looking, longer lasting and smarter. We're also a lot funnier as this blog proves.

If Queensland were to win the Super rugby the Waratahs may start to feel a little (just a smidgen mind you) inferior. That's just unnatural.