Genia Baulks, Cipriani Walks

Loyalty is dead, but it does make for great headlines.

Anyone who for a second believes that Will Genia gave up an extra $200,000 after singing a team song must be kidding themselves. For one thing, it probably doesn't exist.

While a simple google search brings up plenty of links mentioning the supposed song, they all end up as 404 Page Not Found errors. For example Wikipedia states:
In January 2007 the QLD Reds released a Team Anthem to be sung by the crowd during the match and after wins as well. The song was sung in the Queen Street Mall by members of the team including John Roe, Ben Tune, Peter Hynes and Berrick Barnes[citation needed]. The lyrics can be found on the Queensland Reds official website
The link above is broken.

A search for 'song' or 'anthem' on the Reds website brings up no results.

There's also a myspace page for a Nik Phillips who supposedly '...wrote and recorded the official song for Queensland's other leading sporting team, the Queensland Reds. Nik regularly performed at their matches...' but the song doesn't actually appear anywhere on the page.

There is this though, a hip hop anthem by 'Fort Minor & Styles of Beyond Machine Shop Recordings' created in their run to last year's finals. The contribution of the players to the 'song' is a group huddle "REDS" before running onto the field. It's hardly something a player could learn or would sing after a win. For one thing it has too many words (we are talking about Rugby players after all) and there's no chorus per se where a beer drenched player can wave his arms in the air or huddle a mate in a completely non homo-erotic sort of way.

Perhaps this is it...

Certainly there's bunch of blokes wearing red and singing out of tune, mumbling their way through most of it, and downing beer as a finale (a pre-requisite of any team song). Sounds a bit like it could be based on something Johnny Cash may have penned, but then any song out of Queensland will have a large element of country drawl. This has all the subtlety of the Australian Cricket team's 'Under the Southern Cross I Stand'. That's a chant though, not a song. Aussie Rules teams have songs, and they're all the more ridiculous and contrived for it.

Clearly the 'team song' explanation for Genia staying in Queensland is a load of crap. The song doesn't even exist (probably). The only possible conclusion is that in classic Queensland style brown paper bags were passed under the table. Whether the bags contained bananas, avocados or mangoes is unknown, but as an admirer of tropical fruit where else would Genia play Rugby?