Waratahs Supporters A Band Without A Wagon

The 1937 Waratahs on tour -
A team worthy of the term 'bandwagon'
So many bangwagons so little time. The Waratahs had one for about three minutes early in the season. Then the wheels fell off, it tottered along for a little while, almost seemed to rectify itself once, then came crashing to a grinding halt last weekend.

So The Rolling Maul is in need of a new bandwagon. Here are the contenders:
The Brumbies bandwagon sort of snuck up on everyone, but once noticed gathered up a great head of steam and seemed to barrel on with nothing to stop it. It's still rolling but has lost its sense of direction. Like all good bandwagons its conductor has made plenty of noise but resurrecting a semi-retired tuba player isn't likely to prevent it sounding out of tune.

The Rebels had a small local bandwagon which in reality was more of a garage band that looked the business in their crazy hairstyles and funky clothing but when push came to shove they had no push. Sacking the lead singer was a smart move. It enabled a proper bandwagon with a modern soundsystem and some awesome electric instruments to be revealed to the public and now everyone's invited to hop aboard.

The Reds bandwagon got rolling last year. Indeed so popular was the bandwagon that by this year it was creaking from the weight of expectation. But once it started going pear-shaped (or maybe pineapple shaped - it is Queensland after all), only the hard core were left and there was plenty of leg room (that's the nature of bandwagons after all). But funny how these things can go from one extreme to another in a couple of weeks. The Reds bandwagon has gone from an all stations to an express and tickets are selling fast.

The Force have never really had much of a bandwagon unless you count those little red carts that toddlers push around. While there's always a lot of credit to be gained from proclaiming to be the first to hop aboard a bandwagon there's probably no rush in this case.

The Decision: It's one thing to abandon the Waratahs, it's another thing altogether to join their greatest enemy's bandwagons (i.e. all of the above). The Rolling Maul is a student at heart, so the Highlanders get the nod. They're doomed!