So What The Hell Is A Logistics Camp Anyway?

So Quade Cooper hasn’t made the Wallaby ‘Logistics Camp’. Is the surprise here that QC has missed out or that the Wallabies have a Logistics Camp? And what the hell is a Logistics Camp anyway?

Is a Logistics Camp some new-fangled 21st century sports psycho-babble love-in? Because if it is then it's pretty obvious why the Wallabies have been pretty average the last few seasons – too many logistics and not enough rugby. Did these things even exist 20 years ago? David Campese would be rolling in his grave if he was dead. Phil Kearns would be rolling in it too.

Hopefully this Logistics Camp is just the modern term for what was previously termed a bonding camp. If that's the case then this is obviously just a modern bonding camp where you don’t invite dickheads (ie Kurtley and Quade).

It would also be very disappointing to learn that it was something else other than drinking games, travel inoculation injections and filming those bizarre pre-match short clips for TV that seem to infest football codes now where players stand around in their jersey flipping a ball from-hand-to-hand, smiling glumly or saying their name as if it mattered. How this enhances the pre-match TV routine is a mystery. What's wrong with a good-old mugshot? Or even nothing?

If the potential Wallabies are gathering around to view power point presentations and write on flip charts on strengths and weaknesses then the source of the ARU’s problems is apparent. Players with personality conflicts should be punching out a solution in some isolated hotel in regional NSW and having it out with their mates in the pub (or a bus in South Africa) rather than waiting till they get onto the field when it's too late and where the most damage can be done to the team's fortunes.