10 Observations From The Waratahs vs Brumbies Match

The Rolling Maul attends more than a few Waratahs home games each season, but for some reason, last Saturday night's Tahs vs Brumbies match at the old Olympic Stadium generated it's more than fair share of observations. Here they are:

1) Free public transport included in your ticket price is a great idea but be careful who you sit next to on the train, especially once they admit that they played in an AC/DC covers band at SEXPO one year or if their nose is flattened across their face because they’re a Manly Rugby League supporter.

2) The Rolling Maul was ready for it, but still can’t suppress the shock at paying $7 for a plastic cup of mid-strength. All four of them (plus the $1 for the plastic carrying tray) caused was an emergency rush to the loo during the second half.
Kane Douglas cools down after the match

3) Nobody got nearly as drunk as Kane Douglas seemed when his head knock sent him to Jupiter. Was like watching a baby elephant take its first steps.

4) How can they be called Platinum seats when we weren’t even sitting between the 22s. At least all the action was up our end.

5) The Rolling Maul still can’t work out why we like Tah Man, but we do. It’s probably a self-deprecating thing, and while all mascots like to ham it up there's definitely something different about the fact he's not wearing an animal costume and doesn't have an oversized head (just oversize muscles - we're guessing it was Phil Waugh in the suit).

6) Silence is never more silent that at the Sydney Olympic Stadium when 42,000 eyes are taking a passing interest in a Rugby game that hasn’t yet lived up to its hype. Fortunately, things came alive during the second half. It got quite willing for a while there, even if the girls sitting behind us had no idea what was going on.

7) Half-time entertainment was a women’s 7s match. The Rolling Maul particularly enjoyed ogling the ankles of one of the teams who were wearing short socks, until we found out the teams playing were school girls. Haven’t felt that dirty since we supported Sydney Uni in a grand final one year.

Will Skelton - When dinosaurs roamed free
8) That then descended into a conversation about the Lingerie Rugby Union. It’s an idea that needs some fleshing out, perhaps in a future post, out but feel free to use your imagination.

9) Will Skelton is part man, part giraffe and part brick shithouse.

10) Berrick Barnes is the true messiah.