Don't Mention the Waratahs

If I had a dollar for every time someone in the last week has said to me “Aren’t the Tahs playing well?” or “This is their year” or words to that effect I’d buy a pair of boxing gloves and punch them on the nose. 

Experienced (as in bitter, twisted and jaded) Waratahs fans only too well know that we’ve been here before. Indeed we go here nearly every year. 

So for the record, the Tahs are going to have a crap year in which they will struggle to win consistently, they’ll miss out on the semis, there will be rumours of player discontent, and the crowds will stay away (although that will have more to do with stupid ticketing systems and other absurd concepts out of the Waratahs mismarketing department).

And just to ensure that any scintilla of optimism that remains amongst Australian Rugby fans regarding the Waratahs chances is well and truly erased, don't forget that Israel Folau is only one tackle away from breaking his leg, Kurtley Beale lives in a suburb full of pubs and Michael Cheiks only lasted one season at Stade Francais before everyone hated him and they booted him out.

Waratahs by 19.