A Waratahs Fan Final Quandry

The Rolling Maul has been following the Tahs forever, or at least since he gave up on the mungo game once his balls dropped and his brain kicked in. But Waratahs failure is ripe for satire. Comedy gold is made from failure. No comedian has ever made a buck from making jokes about how great everything is.

So come Saturday night and the Super Rugby final, what are Waratah fans so unused to success and celebration to do? How is one supposed to behave if they win?

So let's say the Waratahs clinch the final. A see-sawing game of changed leads, sweeping backline movements and tough as nail forward defence ultimately sees the Tahs triumph. What then?

The Rolling Maul isn't the only social media forum to have made great mileage from Waratah disappointment. It makes for great writing. Not only that, but it's much easier writing about what pisses you off than what pleases you. You can't be a sarcastic bastard with a dry cutting wit if you've got nothing the whinge about.

And what about the kudos that comes from supporting a marginal team in a niche sport that barely anyone gives a toss about? Where's the point of difference that gives traditional Waratah fans pride in being hardcore and 'dyed-in-the wool' if sudden success sees a resurgence in popularity for the team and the sport?

Do those for who their blood is sky blue (to borrow from the Bulls Blue Blood motto) rejoice in the fact that there may be others inspired by the Waratahs, or even worse, converts to the game, who begin to understand obscure penalties and can discuss the finer points of referee law interpretations and power vectors in scrums?

So here's to hoping that the Waratahs win on Saturday. It's been a long wait. They are due and so are all their supporters. But if they lose, then we can all blow a sigh of relief and get back to doing what we're all really good at - bagging the shit out of them.