Rugby World Cup 2015 Tipping and Betting Guide Part 1 - The Minnows

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The Rugby World Cup is on again. Just like just about every other sport's World Cup. And the Olympics. And US Presidential elections. What is is about 4 year cycles? That's a topic for another blog post (and probably another blog) but this blog is more interested in cashing in (and we don't mean through Google advertising).

Who will win and who will lose the World Cup is a largely limited question given the handful of teams with a genuine chance of lifting the Webb Ellis Cup at tournament's end. But fortunately there is sports betting and tipping competitions to keep us interested in every game. Even those featuring the so-called minnows - the tiny fish in the big pond who make up the numbers and much of the passion. They'll never win the Cup but they'll have a lot of fun trying.

So how will they fare, and are they worth a punt or a tip?...

The Southern Lapwing
Guaranteed to strike fear into its opponents - small bugs etc
Nickname(s): Teros
Emblem(s): Southern lapwing
Number of World Cups: 2
Number of World Cup Wins: 2
Losses: 5
What we've learnt from their website: Carlos E. Cat (really) is the father of Uruguayan Rugby
Betting Market Price: $3,001
Betting Value: None except with big starts (10+) against other minnows and bigger (25+) against everyone else.

Time for Namibian Rugby to think about a new nickname
Nickname(s): Welwitschias (Welwitschia is a monotypic gymnosperm genus, comprising solely the very distinct Welwitschia mirabilis. The plant is commonly known simply as Welwitschia)
Emblem(s): African fish eagle
Number of World Cups: 4
Wins: 0
Losses: 15
What we've learnt from their website: Namibia thrashed Zimbabwe 80-6 in the final of the Windhoek Draught African Cup competition to retain the title they won in Madagascar last year. Woohoo.
Betting Market Price: $3,001
Betting Value: None, unless they play Uruguay

Nickname(s): The Oaks (the trees, not the Pub in Neutral Bay)
Emblem(s): The Oak leaf
Number of World Cups: 7 (all of them)
Number of World Cup Wins: 5
Losses: 19
What we've learnt from their website: It must be the shortest URL in the Rugby world - or wider -
Betting Market Price: $3,001
Betting Value: Don't be swayed by 8 wins over France and World Cup wins over Fiji and the USA - all in the amateur era.

Image result for georgia
A product of the other Georgia
Nickname(s):The Lelos
Emblem(s): Crepuscular rays (also known as sunbeams)
Number of World Cups: 3
Wins: 2
Losses: 10
What we've learnt from their websiteGeorgian rugby is a natural continuation of Lelo-burti (Lelo-ball) - an ancient form of folk football, still alive in the country-side. Lelo has its roots in pagan times: the ball symbolised the Sun, one of the celestial bodies worshipped throughout the Middle East.
Betting Market Price: $2,501
Betting Value: Given Georgia realistically have as much chance of winning the World Cup as any other minnow, then by definition they are less value than any of them at a higher price. Who frames this nonsense?

The Scrummaster ReacTore
Canadian Rugby may not win a match
but they could launch a man to the moon with this thing
Nickname(s): Canucks / Maple leafs
Emblem(s): the Maple leaf
Number of World Cups: 7
Wins: 7
Draws: 2
Losses: 16
What we've learnt from their website: The most up to date model in the Scrummaster™ stable is the ReacTore™ - a merge of style, functionality and performance that will improve the output of your scrum.
Betting Market Price: $2,001
Betting Value: A great track record against the USA, just a shame they're in another pool. Save your pennies and your tips for other teams.

Image result for chili dog
At least Rugby hasn't embraced all things American
Nickname(s): The Eagles (not the band)
Emblem(s): American bald eagle
Number of World Cups: 6
Wins: 3
Losses: 18
What we've learnt from their website: USA Rugby has 107,000 members yet there are only 700 Senior Club teams and 900 college teams in the country. At 23 players per team that's only 36,800 players. That mean there are a hell of a lot of kids playing Rugby in the USA. Look out world!
Betting Market Price: $2,001
Betting Value: None.

Image result for ninja
A bit more of this might help the
Japanese Rugby team
Nickname(s): The Cherry Blossoms / Brave Blossoms
Emblem(s): the Sakura
Number of World Cups: 7
Wins: 1
Draws: 2
Losses: 21
World Cup qualification record: Won 31, Lost 1
What we've learnt from their website: It's crap. Even Uruguay have a more informative website. News and that's it. No history. No cheerleaders. No stats. Wikipedia is more useful. No wonder they can't organise their Super Rugby team and might lose the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
Betting Market Price: $1,501
Image result for sumo
And perhaps some of this in the front row
Betting Value: (Warning: Serious content follows) This price must be based on qualifying form. Which really is part of Japan's problem. Too many Asian easy-beats. Maybe if they had to qualify through the Pacific the standard would improve through necessity. 1 win in 7 World Cups is an appalling record. Don't expect any more this time round.

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Monday's Expert said…
When did Uruguay play Zimbabwe in the Windhoek Draught African Cup competition and why did we learn that from the Namibian team's website? Clicking the link shows Namibia beat Zimbabwe.
Anonymous said…
Just be thankful Poland's team are not thee this year. I saw them wipe the Swedes away late year in the very rare Rugby internationals that we see here in Warsaw. The cost is much cheaper than the pint and meat pie for A$21 at this years tournament. The game cost about A$10 and included a free -shirt and a beer and a kiabasa (sausage, gherkin and maybe some fries) was about A$6.

Best of all was the entertainment, the local city band and cheer squad. Great fun and the rugby was entertaining in a 1970's kind of French robust style.