Wallaby Bloodbath

Never give up. Never Surrender.

Just like the knight in The Holy Grail, the Wallabies kept ignoring their flesh wounds and carried on fighting until the enemy gave up.

Image result for david pocock rugby world cup semi final
David Pocock -
the Wallabies Black Knight
Blood poured from the Wallabies just like the good old days. Sure there’s a blood bin, but everyone knows this isn’t the 1980s and you can’t catch a thing from an open wound.

Indeed, just like the good old days, if you don’t have a broken nose, missing teeth, one arm hanging limply by your side and tissues stuffed up your nostrils to stem the flow of blood then you really haven’t put in.

And sure, Drew Mitchell might have beaten eight defenders, half the spectators, an ice cream boy named Terry and the family dog on the way to passing forward to Adam Ashley-Cooper for the winning try, but just like a good winger at the end of the day the only blood on him was somebody else’s.

With Wallabies like these, the only problem come finals time might be vampires attracted by the smell. It will be a night game after all.